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Your solution to evidencing strong leadership and a stable, inclusive and happy workforce, that focuses on delivering care.

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Programmes for providing Quality-Complaint Care

Revolutionise your service by choosing the customised support to suit your unique needs.

Monthly Subscription

Monthly released CQC evidencing initiatives with consultant step-by-step guidance videos & downloadable toolkit.

Workforce Evaluations

Anonymous 20-minute multiple-choice workforce evaluation with support report and 1-hour consultation.

Full Culture Audit

A comprehensive and customised 12-18 month audit of evaluations, analysis, reports and 1-2-1 support.

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Compliance, Workforce, Stability and Organisational Growth

Our professional team of data analysts, culture specialists and organisational growth experts make understanding your setting and the changes you need for growth and regulatory compliance structured and easy. We offer a supported approach to all change so you can focus on growth, transformational and regulatory compliance outcomes.

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Embedding a culture of change is our priority

average lost revenue from receiving an inadequate rating (based on a 60 bed care home)

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increase in vacancies in the Care Sector between 2012/13 & 2021/22

full time equivalents (FTEs) needed over the next decade to keep up with growing care demand
bank/agency staff working on any given day in the independent & local authority Care Sector

Actionable insights to drive change

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"Working with ABMA Impact has been really powerful. It has been great to see the staff laughing and having a nice time interacting, whilst developing their knowledge and understanding of something that is so important and that certainly has an impact on the work that we do and the care we deliver..."

Daniel Pallet Smoothstone Care

"The beauty of ABMA Impact is it gives leaders the flexibility to target which areas to address to benefit their individual setting."

Richard George Outcomes First Group
how it works

The 3 Steps Of Our Impactful Full Culture Audit


Workforce Evaluation

An anonymous 20-minute multiple-choice style workforce evaluation followed by a report analysis meeting. Senior management will gain valuable and accurate information to understand their workforce.


Guided Programme

12-18 month programme of actions targeting and evidencing changes identified in the evaluations.


Second Evaluation

New evaluations are completed to prove and evidence the transformation. This stage reminds the workforce of the positive actions that have been undertaken and changes that have been made for their benefit and wellbeing.

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