Prioritising Staff Wellbeing

Leaving Burnout Behind

This article helps you and your staff benefit the most from their summer break, enabling them to come back feeling refreshed and revitalised. 

We cover the quick tips to over come the end of year burnout! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this eLearning?

No. This is a service-based solution supported by digital products. We help you improve wellbeing to increase retention and attraction with experts supported by technology.

What is the process? What stages are involved?
  1. ABMA Impact evaluation for individuals of 27 questions: 20-30 minutes.
  2. Consultancy, feedback and coaching from our ABMA expert to selected leaders: one hour.
  3. Interventions decided by the leadership team.
  4. Staff are given the results of the evaluation.
  5. Action-led learning deployed, and intervention made for priorities: allocation of one hour per week is recommended to undertake activities. Interventions, strategic actions, and developing mindsets can be completed during working hours.
  6. Re-evaluation in one-three months to track progress: 20-30 minutes.
  7. Expert coaching for the Head or leadership team: one hour per month.
What is included in the action packs?
  • Engaging and transformative guided activities
  • High-quality and interactive digital learning resources to support actions
  • Useful additional resources
  • Learning experience platform with community forums
How does ABMA Impact make a difference so quickly?

The self-evaluation process starts immediately, and you can demonstrate a proactive approach towards further strengthening your community. It provides opportunities for staff members to network and share best practices. Actions and interventions are taken immediately to improve staff retention and reduce absences. All whilst improving wellbeing.

How does the technology work in the evaluation tool?
Dynamic evaluation technology intuitively assesses core metacognitive learning habits, self-perceptions, and critical learning skills. The interface provokes, coaches, and guides learners to self-reflection. Equipped with a multi-tiered reporting capability for all stakeholders within the learner’s journey, the data generated is used to enhance culture, drive performance, and accelerate learning skills.
How can you be sure EDI and wellbeing can improve organisational performance?
Understanding your staff’s perspectives is a significant first step to improving performance. You then know how to best intervene and support.
What is the purpose of action-led learning?
Action-led learning provides targeted and reflective opportunities to help individuals and organisations work towards the progressions identified by an evaluation.
If teachers are stuck in old ways, how would this product help?
Actions are short, sharp, and engaging, encouraging collaboration. We do not tell teachers how to teach. We stimulate engagement to enable teachers to create change together.
How does the evaluation work?
The evaluation asks 27 personally-oriented questions. The responses discover the individual’s perceptions to help understand how they feel about their community and learning culture.
How accurate is the evaluation, and how do you know?
Step 1 – The evaluation flags areas to improve/strengthen.

Step 2 – School/setting improvement plans can be monitored at reviewed intervals.

Step 3 – Action-led learning provides interventions that can be monitored and reviewed over time.

It has had a success rate of over 86%.

How often is the evaluation made?
The evaluation is completed on a termly basis. This gives time for action-led learning to be undertaken, embedded, and for links to be made for accurate self-evaluation. This provides optimum results for improvements and removes the need for any onerous work by the individual.
How can you ensure ABMA Impact will be successful?
We will host a weekly meeting with our operations team for 30 minutes every week for the first two months to ensure progress and we have a team of experts to advise and help. This will ensure you receive maximum results and remove any barriers to progress.
How do you know ABMA Impact works?
It has been tested by 64,000 individuals and reviewed by experts in learning and wellbeing. It has undergone over nine years of research and development.
We are tight on time: how long does this take to use?
30 minutes to undertake the evaluation, repeated on a termly basis. The activities become a part of daily actions so there is no downtime.
Do all staff members have to take the evaluation?
We recommend all staff members take the evaluation for optimum effectiveness. Many providers and organisations start with the leader or head of human resources taking the organisational evaluation.
Can you see individual results?
This may cause some people to provide inaccurate answers. You can select an option to anonymise the data and aggregate results per department. Intervention can still be customised and bespoke for the group and the setting as a whole.If individuals provide consent, this can support direct intervention and potential 1-1 support linked to individual action plans.
Can we test the service first?
Yes, we are happy to work with you and provide a small cohort of your team with a ‘lite’ version of our service. We are confident you will see an immediate impact. We can also demonstrate the impact of previous and current provisions that have utilised our programme.
How long does it take to set up ABMA Impact?
We can have you up and running within just two weeks. Processes and actions can be initiated in line with your implementation plan. This can be tailored and made specific to your provision to ensure that it meets your intended impact. For example, it can take five working days to undertake the evaluation and five working days for expert consultation. Then you can act immediately!
What's the setup process?
Our customer success team will schedule an online meeting and outline your implementation plan. We will agree dates and the steps that are best for you. We will share a welcome pack with everything you need. We have experienced school- and learning-provider leaders who can work with you to support you as necessary.
Can the implementation be flexible?
Can the implementation be flexible?
Yes, we will work with you on the best way for your organisation. We have a suggested flow for optimum results, but we can be flexible on the details.
Where is the data hosted?
Assessment data is hosted in the UK on local cloud Amazon Web Services, AWS. The optional learning platform is hosted by LMS Amazon Web Services, AWS USA.
Which sectors are using the evaluation?
ABMA Impact has been explicitly designed for the education sector to provide maximum accuracy with the results.
How much does ABMA Impact cost?
Please book a call with our consultant to discuss your needs and to see if you qualify for ABMA Impact.
Do you offer discounts for trusts, groups of schools, not-for-profit or education providers?
Yes, please book a call to discuss your individual needs.
Is there any funding for this?
State schools have been granted a COVID-19 recovery fund that can be used for continuous professional development to maximise student progress. The retention and wellbeing of your staff would significantly help this.
Who are the experts?
We have a panel of experts with extensive experience working in educational settings to improve wellbeing and culture. These include Ofsted-trained colleagues from school and university settings, headteachers, and advanced skills teachers.
What is the branding of the product?
The branding is ABMA Impact. ABMA Impact is part of the ABMA family, an Ofqual-regulated awarding organisation and EdTech company.
Who is the expert in action-led learning?
ABMA Education, an Ofqual-recognised awarding organisation, certifies the learning. ABMA works with industry experts in multiple disciplines.
What are your terms of service?
Our consultants will advise which of our offerings best suits you once we understand your requirements in detail. Please book a call.
What is ABMA's ambition?
At the heart of our mission is working collaboratively, removing barriers, and strengthening communities to best serve learners. We provide the education sector with the highest quality products and programmes to facilitate the progress of every learner.