ABMA Impact

We are all about Action. We know as an educational institution you have never had less time and resource to bring positive change to your learners and staff so we get you there…Fast!

From EDI, Culture and Wellbeing that ignores knowledge and goes straight to the positive change with action led learning through to learner development that addresses career skills in hours rather than months, we have you covered.

Nominated for Awarding Organisation of the Year for Delivering Real Impact on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Why Work With Us

We go straight for the result of transformative change immediately

With ABMA Impact we bypass a lot of time-consuming individual knowledge and learning and go straight for the result of collaborative action, saving vast time and resources and making positive changes people can see in real time.

Collaboration that everyone can buy into

Stop asking people to give up free time they don’t have to learn something new in the hope it brings change and offer them the opportunity to create change they value themselves in their environments and their career right now. Now that’s truly empowering.

Value vs Impact

We know that the uncertainty surrounding whether leadership initiatives, staff surveys, online training and learner workshops are going to work costs you a fortune in time and money. So why do them? We will give you value immediately!

Some Of Our Partners

Langdon Park School

Richard, the Headteacher at Langdon Park School wanted a new way to improve Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the schools and really promote staff wellbeing. Already building on a solid foundation, the school has now created a new role just to make full use of the benefits of working with ABMA Impact.

DLS Zobel School

DLS Zobel School enrolled students onto Essential Business Skills as it offered many supporting soft skills such as time management, problem-solving and teamwork that would accelerate their students’ learning and development enhancing academic progress in their current studies.

More Of Our Schools And Colleges

Inclusive Culture That Supports Learners and Staff

EDI and learner outcomes are central to our ethos and we work with expert bodies in your sector to ensure that our work meets the needs of your staff and learners. We are accredited by the CPD, have developed our packages with an ex-Ofsted inspector and are the first corporate members of NATSPEC.

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