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Stage 1 - Evaluation

An anonymous 20-minute multiple-choice style workforce evaluation followed by a report analysis meeting. Senior management will gain valuable and accurate information to understand their workforce. 

It delivers key insights into staff behaviours and attitudes towards their professional roles. The evaluations explore staff’s abilities to carry out their activities safely and effectively as well as analyse their mental health and general wellbeing. It gives staff the opportunity to openly and honestly highlight the issues that matter to them. Staff will feel valued, considered and cared for by the senior management team.

During a consultation meeting, your results will be discussed in-depth and can be provided as the whole group or split, for example, day vs night staff. Your Home’s strengths will be identified and evidenced. Risks and areas of development, will form an action-led programme. Timelines and next steps will be agreed upon.

minutes to complete
participants on average, undertake each Evaluation
minute report and guidance consultation

stage 2 - Customised Advisor-Guided Programme

12-18 month programme of actions targeting and evidencing changes identified in Stage 1.

A series of ACTIONS, game-like activities, will be programmed over a 12 -18 month period. Some actions will take no additional timeout of your workforce’s day as they will run seamlessly alongside their role. Other actions will be carried out in a workshop-style environment and will take only 20 – 45 minutes.

AREAS OF ACTIONS: Mental Health, Inclusive Recruitment, Inclusive Leadership, Disability Confidence, Cultural Belonging, Behaviour in the Workplace, Growth Mindset.

The programme targets areas of risk by addressing behaviours and attitudes. Actions include the whole workforce to embed the change.

The fun, light-hearted actions keep staff engaged, motivated and committed yet with the benefit of some serious outcomes. A few require a small amount of personal discipline and accountability.

0 %
CQC Cultural Compliance

 12 – 18 

Months to complete
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Recommendation Rate

stage 3 - Workforce Second Evaluation

New evaluations are completed to prove the transformation.

A second evaluation is carried out. The second evaluation reminds the workforce of the positive actions that have been undertaken and changes that have been made for their benefit and wellbeing.

The process of another evaluation will help staff feedback on the growth that has been made. It provides a clear measure of the Cultural Transformation which other initiatives find hard to demonstrate. The analysis and report that maps outgrowth will be presented during a final meeting. It will evidence the benefits to culture have been felt most keenly by staff, how they have embraced the key themes and in what ways the residents of the Home’s setting will benefit from the gains that were specifically introduced.

The programme is concluded with further guidance offered to continue your ongoing development.